How are you using hashtags on Instagram?

How are you using hashtags on Instagram?

July 03, 2017

At Comms Hub, we work with clients to improve their digital presence and over the last few months, we’ve noticed businesses and brands overlooking a key tactic when it comes to hashtagging…

Too many people aren’t using hashtags strategically. Too many people use hashtags to describe their content when they should be using them to help people find their content.

To do this, you need to use keyword research to determine the best Instagram hashtags for your profile.

It’s not enough just to use the popular hashtags. Hashtagging #instagood, #photooftheday, and #dog, may get you a few more quick and dirty likes but it won’t help you reach your ideal customer… you know, the people that will buy your product or service – the only reason you’re on Instagram, amiright? And it won’t help you grow an engaged audience into the long term.

Your goal should be to use the most relevant and highest traffic hashtags for your niche. It’s a lot like SEO and hashtags are the Instagram equivalent of SEO keywords.

In short, you need to research your audience and your competitors. What hashtags are they already using? What hashtags are your target audience already clicking on? Spend two minutes and see what Instagram hashtags your competitors (people who have a similar target audience to you) are using. Where does your target audience live on Instagram? Where is your ideal customer spending their time? Use those hashtags and piggyback on the fact that your target audience is already clicking on those hashtags.

The narrower the scope of the hashtag, the more engaged the users are. It’s all about figuring out where your potential audience lives on Instagram and then driving your content to them.
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