Adelaide agency to launch digital marketing bar

Digital Marketing Bar coming soon

by Amy Chandler June 01, 2017

Entrepreneurship? It's a funny thing. One day you have an idea for a new arm of your business, the next day you start creating it. 

When we launched Comms Hub in August last year, we weighed up the idea of calling it 'Comms Bar' because we liked the idea of allowing people to come to our bar and order what they needed. We thought it would differentiate us from the typical agency approach which sees clients sign up to ongoing retainers. 

As is now evident, we went with Comms Hub because we wanted to be a hub for all communications, marketing, digital, public relations and web development.

Before we knew it, we had clients contacting us wanting to outsource their communications to us and very organically our business became about helping small businesses as their outsourced communications team. 

Of course, we'd have once-off jobs here and there but we mostly worked behind the scenes helping other businesses grow. 

Fast forward ten months and we've realised there is still demand for a 'bar' approach.  The reality is, there's so many businesses out there that want to do most of it themselves but struggle with some of the more technical aspects of marketing and web development. 

Enter Comms Hub's digital marketing bar. 

We are now building a new arm of the business which will see us provide once-off services for small businesses. It’s perfect for businesses that want to run their own digital marketing but occasionally fancy a nice cocktail mixed by an expert bartender, AKA some help from digital marketing specialists. 

We're in the process of building it at the moment and can't wait to share it with you! 

The best part is the bar will give you access to support from a digital agency, without ongoing agency prices. 

​Just the odd drink every now and again, without the hangover of monthly fees.


Stay tuned! 

Amy Chandler
Amy Chandler


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