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Big news for this Adelaide startup

November 14, 2017

Ok, ok, ok. Last night, we teased that we had some news and it's about time we let the cat out of the bag.

For those who know us, it's fair to say we've been burning the candle at both ends of the stick for the past twelve months.

Crazy late nights? Working until the early hours of the morning? Then working our butts off at our full-time jobs all day? Yep, we've been there, done that.

We came up with the idea for Comms Hub while working full-time and it quickly became something we couldn't ignore. We knew there had to be a better way for small businesses to access digital marketing support and we were pretty determined to make that possible. 

Now, we're working with small businesses around the country and we've reached the point where there are just not enough hours in the day to help all the businesses we need and want to. So, this is where the news comes in...

We're so excited that our energiser bunny Amy is taking the next big step and will now be working exclusively on Comms Hub a couple of days a week.

Big news for this startup with a big dream!

So, if you've been on that waitlist, it's time to get started. If you're one of our amazing clients who has got an email or two from us late at night, we're sorry... we promise from now on our emails will be more 1pm than 1am.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. xxx

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