3 SEO tips that won't make you want to poke yourself in the eye with a fork

3 SEO tips that won't make you want to poke yourself in the eye with a fork

by Amy Chandler January 29, 2018

You asked. We answered. 

We're nice like that.

So, you need to work on your website's search engine optimisation because you're desperate for more traffic from Google? But trying to understand SEO makes you want to poke a fork in your eye? 🤪

We get it. SEO can be a bit of a beast. But, trust us, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to crack the code. 

Before we deep dive into how to do SEO for your website, let's briefly explain what SEO is. So SEO is search engine optimisation. In a nutshell, it's the magic of helping search engines understand your website and what you do, and getting them to notice your content.

I can hear you thinking: what do you mean? I built my website, isn't that enough?

The reality is, you might have the best website in the world with all the bells and whistles but if you haven’t optimised your website for SEO, Google will send you zero traffic. 


Diddly squat. 

In fact, Google won’t even notice you. It won't even know you exist.


The whole point of SEO is to make your website more visible. So here's a few must-do, quick and dirty tips to help your small business get serious about SEO and become more visible today.


If you have a Wordpress website, download the Yoast SEO plugin right now. Trust us, this will make the whole process much easier. It’s easily the most comprehensive SEO-related Wordpress plugin you could ask for and best of all, it’s free! Yoast makes it easy for you to do things like control titles and meta descriptions, set your targeted keywords and track how often you’re using them, manage sitemaps, and so much more. Try it out and thank us later.


If you have uploaded images your website and you haven't filled in the section called 'Alt tag', you're missing out. Giving your image some “ALT text” is basically telling Google what the image is about or the content behind it, which in turn makes the image readable by search engines and means that Google will include it in search results. Bingo, more traffic for your website.


When Google is deciding whether to send traffic to your website, they not only look at the content on your website and keywords used, they also look at the number of links pointing to your website from external websites. Basically, the more links to your website, the more authority your website will have. So, hop to do it and make sure your website is listed on every local directory possible and offer guest blogs to websites with authority and include links to your website.

Have more questions? We're ready. Comment them below and we'll get them answered. Together, we can make topics like SEO less scary!


Amy Chandler
Amy Chandler


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